Located in the northeast of Madagascar and east on the side of the Kenya, Seychelles archipelago is composed of 115 islands and islets.
Implementing its offshore company in Seychelles has now become more and more accessible for many reasons.

A favorable tax and legal environment


The Government of Seychelles has taken specific measures, such as the reduction of corporate tax rates, in order to attract foreign investors. You should also be aware that business taxation is facilitated: there is no tax, no VAT, no tax on profits, no tax on dividends and no business tax in Seychelles.

An effective judicial system


The financial and commercial environment of the country responds to the needs of many investors around the world. And in case of litigation, offshore companies are protected by a complete legal system. Moreover, each entity is subject to complete confidentiality; There is no risk to the assets and therefore no information about the company’s executives will be published.

Economic performance


Based on tourism and industrial fishing, the country’s economy is stable.

A skilled workforce


It is easy to find skilled labour in several sectors, and with an asset: bilingualism.

And finally, choose Seychelles; With it is pleasant climate, it is beautiful beaches which are among the most beautiful in the world and its peaceful people, it is to ensure a better quality of life exceptional.