Mauritius is located in the southwest part of the Indian Ocean, halfway between Africa and Asia. In recent years it has been very popular with many investors. Several reasons encourage them to establish their « offshore » companies in Mauritius, among which we can state:

Advantageous taxation


15% tax on corporate profits.
15% tax on personal income.
No tax on capital gains (CGT).
No tax on dividends.
No inheritance rights.
No restriction on the repatriation of profits, dividends and capital.
80% tax credits on offshore companies.
Mauritius has also concluded non-double taxation treaties with 33 countries including France.

Reassuring political and economic stability


Mauritius is known for its political and social stability, with a dynamic and modern financial sector. It attracts almost a million and a half tourists every year, which is one of the pillars of its economy. And apart from the economic interest, Mauritius offers an exceptional living environment.

A skilled workforce


Following a policy of improving the education system by the Mauritian government, the majority of the population is bilingual and it is an additional asset.

A country rich in discovery


With its pleasant climate all year round, its paradisiacal landscapes, its unique fauna and flora, its white sandy beaches with turquoise lagoons and its modern infrastructures (port, airport, road networks…), Mauritius is one of the destinations More popular with tourists.